Saturday, July 17, 2010

Patrick Kelleher and Nora Nestor Kelleher - St Andrew's Cemetery - Tecumseh, Nebraska

Patrick Kelleher and Nora Nestor Kelleher
St. Andrew's Cemetery - Tecumseh, Nebraska

The large stone in the center of the photograph is for Patrick Kelleher and Nora Nestor Kelleher, his wife. Patrick came from Limerick, Ireland and Nora was from County Clare, Ireland. Some of their children retained the surname spelling of Kelleher; others changed it to Keleher, dropping one L.

MAR 17, 1836 - FEB 28, 1905

MAY 12, 1843 - DEC 1, 1907

Lessons learned from this cemetery outing
  • Sunny days provide beautiful backdrops for photographing tombstones.
  • Sunny days make capturing tombstone inscriptions difficult.
  • Always sketch at least a rudimentary map of the area of the cemetery you are photographing.
  • Always transcribe each tombstone you photograph while on site.

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