Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ode E Rector and Nellie Kelly Rector

Ode E Rector and Nellie Kelly Rector
Wyuka Cemetery - Lincoln, Nebraska

APR 10, 1863 - FEB. 29, 1832

APR. 10, 1870 - JAN 4, 1935

This is the tombstone of Ode E Rector (Odin Ellis Rector), a long time pharmacist in Lincoln, Nebraska and his wife, Nellie Kelly Rector. They are buried at Wyuka Cemetery in Lincoln, Nebraska.

On the other side of this marker are the inscriptions for Ode Rector's parents, Henry Clay Rector and Martha Hurst Rector. Each of their graves are marked by stones inscribed "Father" and "Mother."

I've never found any evidence that Ode and Nellie had any children, which is why I was really taken with the additional stones marking their individual graves. Instead of the usual "mother" and "father" these stones displayed their initials.

O.E.R. - Ode E Rector

N. K. R. - Nellie Kelly Rector

Nellie Kelly was a sister of my great grandfather, Daniel Kelly. Daniel, his wife Mary, his parents and other members of the Kelly family are buried at the Catholic cemetery across the street from Wyuka, Calvary Cemetery.

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