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Mary Casey Kelly and William D Kelly

Mary Casey Kelly and William D Kelly
Calvary Cemetery - Lincoln, Nebraska

It seems only fitting that my first post for Nothing But Tombstones be the tombstone of my great-great grandparents, Mary Casey Kelly and William D. Kelly. This tombstone was my first connection that took my family history back another generation.


This side of the monument reads:

Mary Casey
Wife of
William Kelly
Born Nov. 12, 1830
Died Nov. 6, 1886
May her soul rest
in peace. Amen.

The inscription on the front of the monument reads:

In Memory Of
Sacred heart of Jesus, have merry on her.
Holy heart of Mary, pray for her. Amen.

Unfortunately, there is no inscription for William on this tombstone. He is acknowledged by the stone reading Papa, next to Mary's, which reads Mamma.


Mary was born in Tuam, Galway, Ireland on November 12, 1830. Her death notice in the Daily Nebraska State Journal of November 7, 1886 is the only source I have (so far) for the location of her birth.

William was from Kilkenny, Ireland according to the Illustrated History of Nebraska, Vol. 1, 1905, Morton, Watkins, Miller.

Mary and William were probably married in either New York or New Jersey, circa 1850 - 1852. They moved to Elgin, Illinois where the first of their two children, Mary and Michael, were born. The family then moved to St. Paul, Ramsey county, Minnesota. My great-grandfather, Daniel Kelly, was born there, as were his siblings Margaret and William. Their other three children were John, Thomas and Nellie.

William was a teamster and hauled freight between St. Paul and Denver. According to Morton, cited above, William went to Idaho and Walla Walla, Washington and mined for two years. After his return to St. Paul, the family went on the 1864 expedition of Captain James Fisk, which met with an ill-fated encounter with the tribal Indians. Many in the wagon train left the expedition and this was when the Kellys eventually came to the Omaha area and later put down roots in Greenwood, Nebraska and the Mill Precinct of eastern Lancaster County.

As stated on the tombstone, Mary died in 1886. William died ten years later on February 3, 1896.

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