Saturday, July 17, 2010

Kathryn Loder

Kathryn Loder
Rosehill Cemetery - Waverly, Nebraska

JUNE 23, 1940
OCT. 18, 1978
I-COR. 15: 35 - 58


Kathryn (Frances Kay)  Loder was born in Laramie, Wyoming, daughter of James Edwin Loder and Frances Elizabeth Goodhue. All three are buried in Rosehill Cemetery in Waverly, Nebraska.

Kathryn had a career in the theater and a few B films in the 1970s. In 1972, she staged a one woman show she had conceived called "Echoes from Gibran." One of her last credited roles was on the soap opera, Days of Our Lives, in 1978. She died of complications of diabetes and is buried next to her parents in Waverly.

Kay Loder's sophomore yearbook photo.
Source: The Comet, Stephen F. Austin High School, Austin, Texas, 1956

Read Kathryn's complete biography on the Internet Movie DataBase.


  1. Thanks for posting the burial info regarding Kathryn. I have been fascinated with her since spotting her in "Foxy Brown." Though she mostly played villians in these low-budget films, she always projected a really unique, almost haunting, persona. Her parents were prominent educators in the Lincoln area; her mother, Frances, taught speech and drama at NWU duing the 1930s. Her brother, James Loder, became a famous writer/scholar based at Princeton Theological Seminary and is buried at the Princeton Cemetary in New Jersey. He wrote that Kathryn had taken up acting because of a religious experience she had as a teen in which she felt she had been called to bring God into the theater. How this squares with appearances in these lurid--if entertaining--B films is a mystery. She did write some religious plays, and, as you mentioned above, staged the religious-themed one-woman show, "Echoes of Gibran". I think she would make a great story for the Waverly-area newspaper: "'70s B-Queen Baddie Rests in Waverly's Back Yard..."

  2. To Anonymous: Thanks for leaving your comment. My genealogy research on the Loder family has yielded quite a few newspaper articles about her parents and some of Kathryn's early appearances on stage. I had taken the photographs of their tombstones before I had connected them in my research. All of the Waverly Loders are related, so I figured I would connect the dots eventually and then everything started to fall into place.

  3. I saw your entry with Kathryn's burial information on Find A Grave. There is an older entry on this website where I noticed someone recently posted what they purport to be a photo of Kathryn in 1974--only it's not Kathryn at all. It's a picture of a young African-American woman (I think she's a celebrity, but I can't place her). I wish people would be more careful and check when they post these things. As for the Loders in general, I'm really impressed that Kathryn's mom, Frances, was a full-fledged professor at NWU duing an era when very few women had advanced degrees, much less pursued careers while raising children. The Loders seem to be an exceptional clan indeed.

  4. Anonymous - I just looked up the "other" Kathryn Loder entry on Find A Grave. I'm definitely glad I added a legitimate entry! That photo is probably the actress from Foxy Brown. She always turns up when you search for photos of Kathryn online. The other person who sometimes shows up in searches is the African-American actress who took over a stage role from Kathryn - if I remember correctly, Kathryn was injured and had to leave the role and it was the first time a black woman played the role. Cleopatra, maybe? I'll have to look it up again. Even though the Loders are "shirt-tail" kin, information about them keeps showing up in my genealogy research, so I just continue collecting it.

  5. Pictures of Kathryn are hard to come by online, but they turn up occasionly on websites discussing the film "Foxy Brown". Pam Grier starred as Foxy Brown--Pam is in her 60s now and the recent-looking photo on Find a Grave is definitely not Pam. There is a young rap star named Foxy Brown--I don't remember what she looks like--don't know much about rap--but it could be her (material on her turns up sometimes when you search anything connected with the movie). I have to give you kudos for finding Kathryn's high school picture, though.
    Diana Sands is the Black actress that took over from Kathryn in "Antony and Cleopatra". Diana was a big Broadway and film star in the '60s/'70s, so they were probably lucky to get her, but poor Kathryn was sidelined after that.
    If you are interested in more information on the Loders, you might check out Kathryn's brother, James Edwin Loder. He wrote a lot of books, and tends to sprinkle in bioghraphical tidbits about the family sometimes. The story about he and Kathryn's Jesus sighting (yes, he says they were out walking one day near a lake and spotted an apparition which they believed to be Jesus) which spurred her theatrical calling is posted on many religious sites on the web, but actually was lifted from one of his books, "The Logic of the Spirit." Jim seems to have been a really interesting guy in his own right, and seems to have something of a cult following amongst religious folks in academia.